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U.K - Personal Effects
(Apr 06, 2004)

Personal Effects: require a packing list identifying the contents of packages.

The Customs and Port Health authorities are being very careful about imports of food and food related products. This includes animal skins and products. All containers which show such manifested goods will be placed on preventative hold until the importer produces the necessary documents to the authorities. The containers will not be allowed to strip until released from preventative hold. Any costs relating to the failure of the importer to provide such information will be for the account of the importer. Please be advised that due to new procedures being put in place by UK Customs & Excise on the 1st January 2002, although we that this is an EEC regulation, we will require the following information on all groupage containers and coloads being sent to the UK.

1. Total value for all the shipments within the container, this can either be done as a total value or each individual shipment should be shown on the body of H.B/L or manifest. This value is commercial value of the goods as shown on the commercial invoice issued by the supplier / shipper.


2. The complete description of the cargo, we cannot accept abbreviations or “as per the attached sheet” it must be the full name. In case no place on H.B/L to show all details in body of H.B/L, please remember attach the rider with H.B/L.


The reason for stating the value is that we have to give this information to Customs when we complete the BOND documents to move the container from the quay to the devan depot, in regards to the correct cargo details we also have to advise Customs of a commodity code for each individual shipment, so we must be able to look the commodity up in the tariff code book against the description you have stated on the copy bill of lading. Customs will be treating this very seriously, so we must get it right first time. Please note that failure for your office to supply us with the correct information will mean that the container will stay on the quay and any quay rent / demurrage  will be for shipper's account.