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Complications and confusions related to laws and regulations in different countries make it difficult to clear your goods promptly and effectively, which reduces the efficiency of transportation and affects your overall business process. With our wholehearted team and skills of customs brokers and our wide system of agents all over the world will help you with any possible customs issues. Our goal is to maximally avoid troubles and delays to your business.

Our Logistics services cover:

-    Customs clearance service for inbound, outbound cargo for both  commercial and non-commercial shipments.
-    Warehousing & Distribution service.
-    Door to door delivery/ pick-up shipments.
-    Inland trucking.
-    Packaging.
-    Handling Industrial Project including oversize, overweight items.
-    Personal effects moving.
-    Door to door service between Vietnam – Laos & Cambodia.

 Warehouse for inbound consolidation service