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FRANCE - Import Personal Effects
(Oct 01, 2012)

Customs Authorities in France are getting more and more strict regarding personal effects/removals which are imported in FRANCE.

Whoever sending persional effects to France must provide the following and precise documentation :

    - Original BL duly endorsed if not express B/.L
    - Detailed Packing list with a value for Customs clearance.
    - Moving Certificate issued by the embassy.
    - Copy of passport or ID.
    - Certificate certifying the reason of their trip IN ... or the reason of the come back in France
    - Proof of Residence in the country they are leaving and the same proof for residence in France (electricity invoice...)
    - Certificate fm the shipper that goods are their property since more that 6 months and will not be sold during 1 year after arrival in France

WITHOUT THIS PRECISE DOCUMENTATION, Goods will not be cleared and  customs storage charges /  penalties will occur will be  shipper's account.